“He Was Like That Octane Booster You Put In Cars, But For My Business”

-Sylvia, Workshop Attendee

“You Just gave Me The Clarity On What I’ve Been Going Back And Forth With For Weeks”

-Alex, Client



Whether it was his early grade school salesman start, his years operating a popular dessert company or the countless private clients that bring him same obstacles, but new commodities, Hamid is an expert strategist, negotiator, brand builder, marketer and proven problem solver.


Regardless if you’re the best of the best, or a novice entrepreneur, you still need an experienced mentor, coach or guide that understands where you are, why you’re there, and where you’re trying to take your operation. A results driven guide at your side with innovation in mind during critical times is needed.



Not just serving as private counsel, but also as a public media figure that speaks proven methods to actions, Hamid brings a problem solving dynamic that results in brand establishment, revenue growth, and ultimately…peace of mind and clarity.