Meet Hamid


Around 2003, I got into simple video production, and was blown away around 06’ of this magical new website called Youtube. I started going around town, shooting Austin urban night life, then uploading it to my channel. By about 2008ish, I was now in the millions of video views, and caught the attention of a local TV show, ATX Most Wanted. The host requested me to be a guest on the show, but the producer wasn’t really fond of it since I had alot of urban entertainment and truly showcased ATX Most Wanted(competition?). Well, what to do when I was passed up on? I went and became a producer at Channel Austin hosting my own television talk/call in show from around 2009-2010.


Now, the Youtube is doing crazy numbers, the TV show is getting popular, and I’m also doing radio voice overs and appearing in local TV commercials, but my day job had titled me as a public figure that was “too famous to work here”. During my TV stint, I was also shooting commercials and music videos for local artists, but the pressure was on from my employer at the time. It was either separate employment, or cut the local fame. With 2 sons, health benefits and so on, I decided to stay on board with them since everything else was up and down money.


In 2011, I decided to get behind the camera instead of in front, and form a small business development company with three other freelancers. I focused on marketing, advertising and videography, and they focused on web, bookkeeping and graphic design/photography. However, although I understood the power and future of digital marketing and video, almost all local biz owners didn’t see the ROI. Their focus was radio and television, which I knew was fading away and will be dead for advertisers sooner than later. So what to do? I shut it all down, moved up in the day job and saved money.


Finally, in June of 2015, I launched Stumpy’s, an Austin based dessert company that had an urban vibe to its image. The 10 years+ of prior experience working retail, marketing, editing video, media buying and so on, helped tailor the brand into what it had become since the first unit ever sold. Basically being a marketing play toy to prove that I could build a brand and gain a loyal following, the 4 year experience with Stumpy’s was what I felt was needed before launching myself as a marketing, branding and strategy leader. This business experience had also placed me at the coveted executive committee table with the national business development non-profit, SCORE Austin as the Director of Marketing until things got very busy for me outside of SCORE.

austin marketing consultant 2

In March of 2019, the 5 year “build a brand plan” accelerated faster than I thought, and 1 year early I launched myself as a marketing, branding and strategy advisor coming from Austin to focus 100% of my time coaching and being available for business owners. With over 13years of being directly in the middle of changes to the marketing and business landscape, I now bring to my clients real world experience that will boost their profits, grow their business, help them find unknown or overlooked opportunities, and advise them on how to maneuver effectively as the way we all do business continues to shift.

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The radio and television appearances thru this all sparked an old flame which was to bring back and produce a new television show of my own that had a focus on local entrepreneurs and go-getters. In 2019, The Heat Tank show which focuses on marketing & branding strategies ran June 30th-September 8th with a weekly episode online at Youtube: Hamid Yaz and local Austin television broadcast. DRIVEN is a show launching early Fall 2019 and will run thru early Winter same year. This show will focus on the compelling stories of local entrepreneurs and go-getters in both the business and corporate world. Definitely a must watch for both, as well as something to gain knowledge from in multiple aspects of life.